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About Christmas Trees Wales

Christmas Trees Wales

Our aim is to provide a great quality product produced in an environmentally responsible way at a competitive price to our customers always.

Who are we?

We are a family business that have been growing and selling real Christmas trees for over 25 years..

Our business is based across South Wales and we grow trees at our nursery in Monmouthshire and have planted 15,000 trees in 2011/12 and hope to plant another 10,000 trees in 2017/18.

Environmentally friendly

We manage the site to a very high environmental standard. This creates a very unique eco-system that supports various species of small mammals, birds, and insects. Snakes and amphibians are also especially particularly fond real of Christmas tree plantations!
We don't use any pesticide and only small amounts of herbicide (to tackle hard weeds) in our plantations.

Sorry, but wholesale deals are not available at the present time. Darren Andrews BSc (Hons) Forest Products Technology.
Tel: 07976 564672